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This NICE multi-gold-metal award-winning water is single-sourced from a naturally occurring spring over 6000 feet high in Southern California’s Pristine Sierra Mountains. When water is sourced from one of the finest springs in the world, you can taste the difference.

To make the best water better, we then added hemp & hop extracts that are organically grown in California, using only old-world farming practices.

To ensure your best experience, we then took these extracts and made them into tiny particles, multiplying their absorption and effectivenessAlways produced in small batches to provide satisfaction in every bottle. Relax, You deserve it


It all started wanting something that not only quenches your thirst but relaxes and makes you feel good, all while being healthy and non alcoholic! Impossible right? Yeah that was the case until now! When you dont drink you cant turn to Alcohol and lets be real, sometimes we just want to feel good and relax. Hemp Hop Beverage was made to do just that. We add our nano technology hemp and then we add Hops to the best mountain spring water we could find. Once we mixed these 3 things together we knew we found something that we had to bring to the market Relax, You deserve it

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Why We’re Different


Our Nano Technology is the difference maker. Normal Hemp without being nano has extremly low bioavailability, like many natural ingredients do. The particle size is just to big to enter into the body. We solved this problem with our nano technology. Our Top CSO has formulated nutraceuticals for over 25 years. Making the ingredient nano makes the ingredient so small it allows it to go directly into your blood stream and letting you feel the difference.

Always produced in small batches... Satisfaction in every bottle.

Mountain Spring Water
Nano Emulsified Hemp Extract
Hop Extract